Temui Pasukan PJ

  • Ahli Terapi Carakerja, Locum

    Ellen Kong Wen Wen

    Bachelor of OT

    “I like how an occupational therapist job includes active listening, which offers the opportunity to build the bond and provides reassurance to the other party. I also like how OT brings meaning to life, and helping client to find meaning in life if they find it challenging. I enjoy the moment when the client tiniest improvement is being recognised and celebrated by everyone around them, and knowing that all the effort put in is worth it.”

  • Speech Therapist

    Shee Wei San (Shervyn)

    Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) 

    “By August 16, it will be the beginning of my 6th year on this journey. Been working in 2 different centres with great diversity of working culture, and it nurtured who I am today. The very initial intention when filling up universities’ application is to get away from biomedics related courses. But it turned out helping the community in improving their quality of life is extremely satisfying. From did not knowing anything, till today knowing everything slowly and steadily. "

  • Senior Teacher of Early Intervention Program, PJ

    Ms. Gan Say Cheat

    Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology, Attended Speech, Occupational Therapy Workshops, and Hannen Program

    “老师这一行一点都不简单,要面对压力还有家长的要求。可是,当看到学生一点一点的进步时,一切都是值得的。 虽然这一条路真的很不好走 ,想要在金钱和事业平衡真的很不可以…有时觉得付出了这么多,可是换回来的回报却是那么的少…两者只能选择其一。我不是一个出色的老师,可是,我是一个负责任的老师… 永远都是学生第一自己第二。做这一份工,最重要的是看见学生有进步,还有家长的笑容,真的是一切值得…”

  • Senior Teacher of Early Intervention Program, PJ

    Ms. Rishwani Subramaniam

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Attended Speech, Occupational Therapy Workshops, and Hannen Program

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  • Senior Teacher of Pre Voc and Vocational Program, PJ

    Huan Chong Sian

    Advanced Diploma in Special Education, Diploma in Learning Disorder Management and Child Psychology, Instructor’s Certificate in Literacy Development for Children with Special Needs, Attended Speech, Occupational Therapy Workshops, and Hannen Program

    “I have a cousin that is a high functioning ADD. When he was younger, I noticed the lack of understanding and awareness towards him and other special needs in general. I went on to study and educated myself more about special needs and along the journey managed to find a job as a Special Needs Teacher in Hatching Center.”

  • Senior Teacher of Primary Year Program and Educational Psychologist (Intern), PJ

    Ng Xue Min

    Master in Educational Psychology, ABA trained

    “ I am tremendously passionate about supporting and promoting the well-being of every child, educators as well as family members regardless of their needs and backgrounds. My goal is to contribute and provide a dynamic and safe learning environment to the children with my knowledge and skills that I have gained through my education and work experiences.”

  • Teacher of Primary Year Program

    Adelina Binti Zulkifli  

    Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Attended Speech and Occupational Therapy Workshops and Trainings.

    “As I get older, navigating my 20s, I can’t help but think of a time that I was at a similar age to the students I teach. The people who come to mind are my parents and the teachers I’ve had growing up.

    The first few times I picked up a pencil, attempting to scribble letters and numbers, my name even, it must have been super illegible. Filling up a colouring page with the colours of my colour pencils, how messy it must have looked. Learning to put shoes on and tying my laces, took many, many tries until I finally got it. Then, reading. I recall countless nights, mum and I will go over Peter and Jane until I managed to read it well enough to be awarded the gold star sticker I loved seeing stuck at the top corner. 

    But most importantly, when they would teach me about kindness and empathy. How to share, to always help others, and be kind. If not for them, I would not have picked up these skills and shaped me into the person I am today.”

  • Teacher of Primary Year Program

    Marie Tan Ying Hui

    Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Attended Speech and Occupational Therapy Workshops and Trainings

    “What I love about teaching is the journey I share with my students to learn and grow in a fun and engaging environment. It gives me a platform to be creative while I explore different ways to cater to my students' varying abilities. Teaching special needs children is definitely challenging, but I believe they deserve an educator who sees an equal opportunity and potential in them to succeed in society. Their differences motivate and inspire me to be a figure who can guide them towards unlocking their potential, and knowing that I have an impact in making a difference makes the job a whole lot more rewarding.”

  • Teacher of Pre Voc and Vocational Program

    Nor Faizah Binti Mohd Cholif 

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons), Attended Speech and Occupational Therapy Workshops and Trainings

    “<If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn - Ignacio Estrada>. To teach a child is to make a difference in life and to see the child blossoms into a great adulthood. I love to see the positive changes that happen in the child’s life and it motivates me to work harder and to never give up even if the road seems a little rough at times. What really attracts me to become a special needs teacher is that every day I get the chance to learn something new about them. Every child is unique and they have different learning styles and pace. Sometimes a certain way might work for one child but does no wonder to others. But to see they understand the things we have had taught is another priceless moment and a taste of satisfaction that truly bring a blissful feeling deep in my heart. Teaching and nurturing the special needs children have taught me to become more patient and empathetic to others. It is not easy to read and understand people’s feelings and actions, especially if they cannot express it verbally or physically. I learned a lot of things from my past experience to deal and handle them and I am hoping that I can learn more from each child I meet in the future as I know learning is a lifelong process and has no end.” 

  • Teacher of Pre Voc and Vocational Program

    Izzat Farihin Bin Kamarunizam 

    Bachelor of Human Sciences in Psychology (Hons), Attended Speech and Occupational Therapy Workshops and Trainings

    “The reason that leads me to became a SEN Teacher today was during my Practicum days at one of the Government School at Cheras. I taught English for half a year there. Since it was rather a rural area, it was heavily populated with low and middle income family. Most of the kids I taught were lacking and having a lot of trouble in most of their subjects. That’s when I first encountered directly with students that have difficulties in learning and it affects me heavily that I don’t know the methods or correct way to help or educate them. And from there, I also thought that one day, what if my family have someone who’s having these problems and no one to help.
    This is the path of life that is chosen by me to at least be someone there that able to help any children that may be struggling and needed help.”

  • Teacher of Pre Voc and Vocational Program

    Michelle Yap

    Diploma in Early Childhood Course, Diploma in Learning Disorder Management and Child Psychology

    “ I have enjoyed working with children for some time, while as a volunteer teacher. The experiences were enriching and meaningful. This year, I decided to take the leap of faith and pursue it full-time. Keeping my mind open and exploring where the path leads to.”

  • Kitchen Helper and Cleaner



    "I find the children very adorable and it is my great joy to cook good food for them."

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