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Join Us to Become a Hatchier

special needs kuala lumpur


Hatching Center accepts enrollment in any time of the year. Parents who wish to enroll their kid into Hatching Center for Early Intervention Program, Homeschooling Program, Vocational Training or 1 to 1 Therapies, are welcome to call or walk-in to our learning center for more information.


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special needs kuala lumpur


Hatching Center holds a strong principle of 'Quality Rather than Quantity'. To become a part of us, you must be passionate, patient, willing to help, able work with the kids, positive, honest, self motivated, and able to work in a team as well as working independently. As for teaching staff, our teacher must possess at least a diploma in the related field. Training will be provided from time to time to ensure the quality of the teacher. 


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special needs kuala lumpur


Donations have helped make Hatching Center the “go-to” organization for special needs and other developmental disabilities. We are grateful to our donors for supporting our families who are desperately in need of your assitance. As part of a transformational drive to come to the rescue of families that are in crisis, we offer you the chance to support our life-changing programs, whether they face an urgent need, a devastating diagnosis, or seek to improve their quality of life. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can. Your contribution can make all the difference.


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