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A Snippet of Hatching 

Our Story

Hatching Center is a center for children with special needs in Kuala Lumpur. It was set up when the founder noticed missing gaps in the education system for typical and atypical children. The founder of Hatching believes that every child should enjoy learning through play. We believe that every child should be ENABLE to PLAY, PLAY to LEARN, LEARN to GROW, GROW to EXCEL. We are here to help and prepare them for a better Quality of Life. We aimed to provide opportunities for every child to discover the potential within them.


Our mission is to enable children through play‐based approach in their development towards a quality of life with their families and society. Both typical and atypical children should be enabled through the different programs uniquely designed by Hatching. Part of our mission is to advocate and support different diverse communities and bring forward betterment for all.


Hatching Center core principle of 'Quality Rather Than Quantity' envision us to develop and provide therapists and facilitators with recognised qualifications and relevant experience in approaches. Training and development is key to our providence to ensure the quality of our services.


As a private institution and in line with our vision and mission, we also provide subsidies for families who are marginalized due to social‐economic conditions.

Our Team

The Hatching Center team consists of special education teachers, play therapists, clinical or educational psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist music therapist, and other professionals within Hatching Center network. Hatching Center also have a panel of visiting consultants including paediatricians, neurologists and child psychiatrists.


We have a comprehensive range of standardised assessments, observations and structured programmes to cater to a wide range of needs. Using this pool of resources, the team of professionals collaborates to conduct assessments and develop individualised programmes for each child or adolescent. The programmes are also planned with family involvement in mind as their participation is important in facilitating the child’s progress.


Early Intervention Program
Our Offerings

We offer support for the parents and also assessment for the children. We also provide education based on individual needs and development milestone. We aimed for overachievement. We help to promote awareness among peoples on Special Needs. Focus on mental and physical health development.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to enable children through play‐based approach in their development towards leading a better quality of life with their families and society.

Our Visions
  • Play

  • Learn

  • Grow

  • Excel



Founder and Managing Director, Child Psychologist

“Being a Child Psychologist is rewarding, but being a Special Needs Teacher is even more fulfilling, I enjoy bringing positive impact and changes in a good way in everybody. Seeing my students growing up and improving every single day, it is a process of joy, and no other jobs will be able to give me this kind of job satisfaction. 
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody is always my principle. Be it special needs or neoro-typical, adult or children, we are all different in some way. To create a platform to allow everybody come together and build an inclusive environment, provide equal opportunity to play and learn, making dream come true is what Hatching about.”



PA to Managing Director

Working in Hatching has not only open my mind to special needs education but has also open my heart to embrace the uniqueness of special needs children. When a special kid walks through the doors of Hatching, hope of a better quality of life awaits him/her. I know because I have seen with my own eyes the wondrous transformation that had taken place because of the untiring collaboration of the teachers, therapists, parents and caregivers. 



Consultant of Speech Therapists

“I become a speech therapist because I want to help others improving their quality of life. After few years working in a busy hospital in Cheras, I still cannot find a good intervention school for my preschool and school-aged clients. In Hatching, there are full of possibilities and ways to prepare a conducive learning environment and resources for a child and their family to grow along this long yet treasured intervention journey. This is the journey of life influencing life for the future betterment holistically. This is the mission of my life. My vision is to enable the accessibility to this quality education by all the students with different learning needs in the country by implementing it at the government level.”

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Consultant of Occupational Therapists

I always knew that I wanted to have a career in a health-related profession and education, because I was extremely interested in medicine and teaching. I wanted to work in a profession that would enable me to work with other people on a daily basis. I decided to become an occupational therapist because I wanted to help people, and that is exactly what occupational therapists do: We assist people in becoming independent in their daily live. 
As part of Hatching team, I am grateful to have an opportunity where I can help my student growth and develop to their maximum capacity and improve their function in their life.

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Clinical Psychologist

“ As a clinical psychologist, my passion is to help children/teens and adults to discover their ability to help themselves and cope with a variety of emotional, developmental, and psycho-social issues. Working in a child setting, I always believe that each child has their inner strengths and talents that can be worked together with their parent and teacher to make a difference in their lives. It is also my ultimate goal to help the children and families to lead more happy and productive lives. ”

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Nurun Najikhah binti Mohd Shakor

Director and Occupational Therapist of Kayden Center, Kelantan

I'm drawn to becoming a pediatric occupational therapist because it allows me to make a profound difference in children's lives, helping them thrive and achieve their fullest potential. 
I believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their developmental milestones and lead fulfilling lives. Working with children allows me to harness my creativity, empathy, and dedication to empower them to overcome challenges and embrace their unique abilities.

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Siti Kaiyisah

Director and Head of School of Kayden Center, Kelantan

I'm inspired to become a special education teacher because I believe in the power of education to transform lives. Every child deserves the chance to learn and grow, regardless of their abilities or challenges. By becoming a special education teacher, I can make a meaningful impact by creating inclusive and supportive learning environments where every student can thrive and reach their full potential.
I am deeply committed to advocating for and uplifting students with diverse learning needs. Being able to tailor my teaching methods to accommodate individual strengths and challenges allows me to foster a sense of belonging and achievement in every student. By embracing inclusivity and celebrating diversity, I aim to empower my students to overcome obstacles and embrace their unique abilities.


Rachel Leong

Head of School of Cheras

I want to be a Special Needs Teacher because the things we do and teach will impact the children’s life ahead and eventually the society. There aren’t many in this field, having a special needs brother myself hope that I could bring awareness to the people around me. So that they would be ‘accepted’ and people would be more willing to give them a chance to work and a chance to be independent in the future.


Gan Shy Cheat

Head of School of Petaling Jaya Center

“老师这一行一点都不简单,要面对压力还有家长的要求。可是,当看到学生一点一点的进步时,一切都是值得的。 虽然这一条路真的很不好走 ,想要在金钱和事业平衡真的很不可以…有时觉得付出了这么多,可是换回来的回报却是那么的少…两者只能选择其一。我不是一个出色的老师,可是,我是一个负责任的老师… 永远都是学生第一自己第二。做这一份工,最重要的是看见学生有进步,还有家长的笑容,真的是一切值得…”


Nur Farah Jasmeen Binti Mohd Bashir

Development Psychologist, Junior

“The study of developmental psychology is essential to understanding how humans mature. Throughout our lives, humans go through various stages of development. While most people follow common patterns in their development, others reach developmental milestones at a different pace. For me, this is so interesting and I want to be a Developmental Psychologist because I want to study, understand and do more research regarding human development; the common and different pace development. With this knowledge, we can continue with intervention to help people who have different paces of development cope and reach their full potential. ” 




“I was 23 years old when I started working as a physiotherapist, some people ask me “What does the physiotherapist do?” and they think physiotherapist just all about massaging people. Truth to be told, I always lost my nerve and ended by saying physiotherapist more than just massage the body tissue, a physiotherapy will analyze body posture, movement and as well as muscle strength. 
However, my journey as physiotherapist began when I started to be pediatrics physiotherapy. One of my little CP patients ask me why he can’t walk, but his eldest brother can walk and play football. Little that he knows, he was suffering incomparable in any other form, but he worked hard really and inspired everyone. He was a very incredible little human. Although this happened several years ago, but it was that moment, I realize I want to become a physiotherapist.
Physical therapist is importance for people to recover from injuries by ensuring exercise their muscle throughout the treatment. I believe with the correct techniques and proper care, the kids will be able to live an altered lives. I worked with parents and the kids to create unique and customize movement regimen designed to encourage better function.
To be a physiotherapist will require years of education and training, and I am prepared for the hard work and challenges that lie ahead. For me, becoming physiotherapist will give patient quality of life regardless of the circumstance they are in, and I will continue my dedication to help and encourage them to live to fullest and be amazing.” 



Music Teacher

"I first started teaching music with a group of children, and I found them adorable and lively.  One of the children grabbed my attention one day, he was “naughty” and hyperactive.  Whenever he is in the class, he would be running in the classroom, despite me calling him.  He would look at me and would never stop.  I could not figure out what makes him behave as such, but from there I try to understand him.  Teaching children with special needs in music, it is definitely not a simple task at all.  They just learn differently.  If an ordinary children can learn music, why not them."

Early Intervention Program, Homeschool, Vocational
Early Intervention Program, Homeschool, Vocational
Early Intervention Program, Homeschool, Vocational
Early Intervention Program, Homeschool, Vocational
Hatching Center Homeschool and Intervention centre, Autism, Special needs kuala lumpur
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