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Special Needs Community



When people with the same vision stay together, they form a community.

Objective of Hatchier:

  • to provide support to each other within the community;

  • to spread awareness on special needs;

  • to share information on early intervention program, homeschooling activities, professional knowledge and love;

  • to enable everybody to PLAY.


Benefit of Hatchier:

  • enjoy the latest news update from Hatching Center;

  • discount or free of charge on workshops or any event organize by Hatching Center;

  • share information between Hatchier and get support from fellow Hatchier.


How to become Hatchier?

  • For parents who enroll their child(ren) in Hatching Center, he or she will become Hatchier Automatically.

  • Teacher(s) and Staff(s) of Hatching Center will become Hatchier automatically

  • For those who didn't enroll the child(ren) in Hatching Center or who are not staff or teacher of Hatching Center, kindly subscribe as our member.

  • Please note that all the fee will go to Hatching Program to support the community in needs

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