In order to promote awareness among people on special needs and to give support to the parents and also among the Special Need Community, Hatching Center often organize workshops and events. When peoples with the similar problem meet together there is a sense of community. Please stay in connect with us by joining us as 'Hatchier', so that you could get update on latest event and workshop. You are not alone... 

Upcoming Events


Past Events


"Our Voice"- Fundraising Concert 

The first-ever “Our Voice” Concert was a fundraising initiative led by Hatching’s Parents Teachers Association, in collaboration with the very talented PJ Philharmonic Orchestra (PJPO). The culmination of this concert has showcased meaningful voices of Hatching children and musical talents of PJPO in an uplifting performance and inspiring way of spreading the underlying societal message of love, understanding, tolerance, respect and acceptance for children with special needs.


This wonderful evening of musical and symphony event was for a charitable cause in supporting Hatching students in their learning and honing of essential life skills through Project Cafes at our centers.



Hatching Fundraising Concert
Hatching Fundraising Concert2
Hatching Fundraising Concert3
Hatching Fundraising Concert4
Hatching Fundraising Concert6
Hatching Fundraising Concert1

Sexuality Education - A Reproductive Health & Social Education for Children and Teenagers

In another Hatching series of Free Educational Talks for Hatching Parents, “Sexuality Education - A Reproductive Health & Social Education for Children and Teenagers” Workshop was conducted. This fascinating yet challenging topic was presented by Hatching Group’s Occupational Therapist, Mr Shahrizal Bin Selamat.


In the workshop, key aspects and topic of interests pertaining to the development of sexuality in children and adolescence were discussed including safe touch, relationship circle, body changes and puberty as well as body safety and personal hygiene.



Sexuality Education pix 4
Sexuality Education pix3
Sexuality Education pix 2
Sexuality Education pix5

National Day Celebration

For our National Day Celebration in Hatching, our students came dressed in colours of “Jalur Gemilang”. In this meaningful event, our students learned about the freedom and independence gained for Malaysia. Together they expressed their patriotism with shouts of “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! and by raising the Malaysian flags on top of singing the National anthem.



Merdeka Celebration3
Merdeka Celebration2
Merdeka Celebration1
Merdeka Celebration4
Merdeka Celebration

Annual Sport and Family Day

Hatching Group’s exciting Annual Sports and Family Day was back again in Taman Botani Kepong. Our children from Kelana Jaya Center and Cheras Center came together for a fun-filled and family bonding session.

Everyone took part in various interesting tele-match games and fun play-based activities featuring different learning elements and physical skills. After the participation of all activities, the winners were beaming with pride with their well-earned prizes. This was followed by an enjoyable time of picnic with their families.



Sports Day2
Sports Day1
Sports Day7
Sports Day5jpg
Sports Day4
Sports Day6
Sports Day

H&M Shopping Outing & Hatching PROM 

A shopping outing to H&M Paradigm Mall was arranged for our students. As part of the learning outcome, students were taught to identify and differentiate gender appropriate outfits and accessories according to the types of occasion. The purchased outfits were worn for next day’s special event- Hatching PROM.

Our first-ever Hatching PROM was organised involving dance and a pot-luck style spread. Students were all well-dressed and in competition for the title of PROM King and Queen.